To soften calluses, soak your feet in water for at least ten minutes and then go over the Peace Love HU Hampton Pirates shirt but in fact I love this skin in soft, circular motions with a foot file. (A scrub also works, notes Gonzalez.) Be careful not to overdo it, he cautions: “If you over-file, it will create two problems: one, you break the elasticity of the skin. Two, you burn it, which will create additional calluses to defend the skin.” “If you have a cuticle, you need it,” Gonzalez says simply. Rather than using a wood stick to push cuticles back—or cutting the cuticle entirely, which is “an open door for germs to go into your system”—reach for one unlikely tool found in any bathroom: a toothbrush. “The soft hair of the brush will not aggress the skin the way the stick would.”

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Skip the Peace Love HU Hampton Pirates shirt but in fact I love this emery board, which can cause more harm than good, and opt instead for a gentle glass file to smooth and shape your nails. “A paper file can cut the skin,” Gonzalez warns. “Especially when it’s new.” “When I first saw my my great grandmother buffing her nails, I thought she was losing it, but even at 92 she had beautiful, strong, and supple nails,” Gonzalez says. Since then, he’s realized that the shine-inducing step is an essential finishing treatment—so long as one uses a chamois leather buffer, whose soft skin is superior to that of a coarse buffer block, which can cause abrasions. “Buffing helps blood circulation and, [in effect], the whites of the nail get whiter. It’s the true French manicure.” As for the biggest sin in nail care? Leaving on lacquer for weeks (or, er, months). “When you cover your nails with plastic, the nail bed cannot breathe, which makes the nails weaker and causes white spots,” explains Gonzalez. Instead, give your nails a break and indulge in what Gonzalez calls “a color touch” only on special occasions. “If you approach nail polish like makeup—and make sure to properly remove it—you will have healthy nails for the rest of your life.”

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